From data to voice and video to wireless access, business communications are founded on switches and routers. Both these devices look alike and perform similarly, but each serves a specific function on a network. Switches act as controllers that permit efficient communication among networked devices; they connect computers, printers and servers within a workplace or building. Routers are more advanced; while switches create networks, routers connect them. Routers allow network users to share the connection they create by linking computers to the Internet and other networks. They also ensure the quick receipt of information by selecting the optimal channel for information transmission.

Routers and switches provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Boosting profitability by enhancing security and customer service, and cutting business expenditures through resource allocation.
  • Increasing employee productivity via the sharing of information.
  • Allowing the continued operation of larger networks throughout periods of redesign or power outages.
  • Increasing available network bandwidth and decreasing the workload on individual computers, therefore improving network performance.

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