Organisations and businesses share information through and operate on the basis of e-mails, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases and graphics. Whether small or large, enterprises will sooner or later require data storage for all of these essential means of communicating information. The greater the generation, transmission and retention of information, the greater the need for storage. Moreover, a substantial amount of storage space is needed for applications that run systems and applications that secure them. Consequently, a business’s backstage success greatly relies on storing information and managing its storage. There are various storage options to choose from depending on required storage capacity and physical location.

Increased storage space is necessary and useful for:

  • Legal purposes that require businesses to archive e-mails and backup data covering several previous years that they otherwise might have deleted.
  • Regular backups that are done to ensure all essential data will be safe and available in case of virus or spyware attacks.
  • Hard-drive space that is necessary for new versions of operating or application software that take up more space than their predecessors.
  • Storing large media files, like video files, and making them accessible to network users.

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