A network management system (NMS) is one or more applications that allow the management of a network’s individual components within a larger network framework. This means that the software and hardware of each device on a network could be accessed and monitored from a central computer instead of having to physically go to their various locations. While network managers are given access control, staff members are still able to use their respective computers to enter or retrieve data. Normally, a NMS provides a system administrator with central reporting by recording data from the remote points on a network.

The key advantages of Network Management Systems include:

  • Most importantly, users’ ability to use a central computer to monitor or manage all their business operations.
  • Cutting hiring expenditures as total network monitoring and management requires only a single system administrator at a centralised location.
  • Increasing productivity by locating and resolving issues which eliminates worry over loss of data or deterring productivity; therefore allowing business people to concentrate on more important duties.
  • Saving time as data can be directly accessed when needed without interrupting the workflow as team members can still use their workstations to enter or retrieve data.

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