IP (Internet Protocol) telephony is a progressive form of technology that is concerned with the digital side of telecommunications. The means through which IP telephony works is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which is used to send voice over the internet instead of through traditional telephone landlines. This voice transmittal could apply to telephone calls, mobile communication, voicemail, faxing, video conferencing or even TV. VoIP is becoming a popular replacement for the old ISDN standard as it is cheaper and considerably more flexible.

IP Telephony’s many advantages include:

  • Preserving the budget by reducing expenditures on both national and international calls – calls on an IP phone system are free except for the cost of Internet access.
  • Increasing productivity in a business context through the cutting of costs and facilitation of telecommunications.
  • Making businesses that operate in different locations or countries seem more like one unit to clients by establishing a sense of proximity among co-workers.
  • Combining voice and data networks, therefore reducing IT infrastructure.
  • Providing one system that offers multiple options such as chatting, faxing, conferencing, instant messaging and far more.

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